The 2021 Boxford Masques: Our 21st anniversary!

28th July - 1st August 2021, Boxford Rec RG20 8DD


In case you haven't heard on the tv news, Radio Berkshire or a myriad of other national and local news outlets......

An incredibly rare and unique Roman mosaic has been uncovered in our very own Boxford! We can confirm that our Boxford Masque show for Summer 2021 is fully inspired by the incredible characters of the mosaic!



Our new Masque is again written by double Carnegie prize winner Geraldine McCaughrean. The Masque begins with the original Victorian discovery of this site - when a field drain was cut through it, and will feature cantankerous disturbed gods, heroes, monsters, and the bemused residents of West Berkshire, all interweaving their myths and midsummer madness to comic and musical effect.

The Masque will feature a huge community cast of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, and will be produced by a professional theatre team. Also for this unique production we will return to the Masque's early 20th century rural roots and perform in it's beautiful home of Boxford.



Ever wondered what happens if you dig up a Roman mosaic and it comes to magic life? What happens when a flying horse bursts from the ground and mythic robots walk the woods? How about when the brave hero Bellerophon quests to find the Chimaera but takes an entire theatre audience with him by accident? This action packed new Boxford Masque will whisk you on a crazy image -packed journey into the land of mosaics, myths and monsters, ancient stories will become as real as the floor we dance on, and our modern world melts into the marvellous past.

Playing for 5 nights 28th July - 1st August 2021 on Boxford Rec, it will be an incredible tribute to such a wonderful discovery in Boxford. 

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Bellerophon! 2021 Masque rehearsal Schedule
rehearsal schedule
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